More Times- The Official Brampton Candle
More Times- The Official Brampton Candle

More Times- The Official Brampton Candle

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This is the only *OFFICIAL* scent of the City of Brampton! Created by us as a custom scent for the city’s Black History Month experience box, we knew it had to be called MORE TIMES for the people! 

So what does Brampton smell like?! How could we describe More Times?! More Times means, more often or ‘oftentimes’ so we wanted to create a scent that was irresistible and delicious, something you’d want to smell over and over. More times, a rich and delicious scent is exactly what you want! So we created a deep, rich, warm scent- like the warm & rich mosaic of the people of Brampton, the deep history of the city, and of course some soft florals as Brampton is known as THE Flower City of Ontario. 

We came up with a mixture of warm cocoa butter, rich chocolate and soft jasmine flowers that grow beautifully in the Ontario summer heat! 

*Please enjoy responsibly- this is not edible!*

Scented soy & coconut soy candles handmade in Toronto, Canada. Vegan, Kosher, cruelty-free, paraben & phthalate-free fragrances, dye-free, lead-free cotton wick, non-toxic and long-burning (approx. 50-60 hours). 8 ounces.

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